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Discover what Millions of Students have Used to Raise Their ACT and SAT Scores.
tRIUMPH'S SIMPLE FORMULA:  A Step-by-step blueprint for Dramatic Score Increases
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Why our programs consistently raise scores:
#1: Precise Skills Analysis
We show students exactly where they need to study for immediate score improvement.  The precision of our proprietary system and analysis is based on the use of REAL practice tests.
#2: Comprehensive Program
We analyze every skill tested by the ACT and SAT tests.  Our platform provides in-depth lessons and quizzes for each skill area.  A Detailed Skills Feedback Report acts as a Personal Study Plan. 
#3: We keep students focused and motivated
Focus and determination are key elements of raising a test score.  Our system, coaches, and tutors work each week to keep our students on task and motivated to reach their score goal.
Triumph Education:
Family Owned -  Christian Heritage
Bill Zuberbuhler gave 27 years to the U.S. Navy.  He retired as Deputy Oceanographer of the Navy. He reached such heights in his Naval career because he gave his all to anything that God gave him to do. He always had a passion for education and very much enjoyed helping young recruits to develop their careers through education. 

So, it was no surprise that after serving his country, he would spend his time building an educational company.  His vision for Triumph was to reach millions of students and assist them along their road to college. 

Bill was also a deeply Christian man.  His greatest devotions were to the Divine Mercy and daily Mass. In many ways, these fueled his passion for supporting Catholic education. He was very grateful for his education at Saint Peters Prep in New Jersey and Xavier University in Cincinnati.  

Bill died in 2014. He achieved his goals for Triumph.  His family now carries on his vision for the company. Triumph Education is located in beautiful Miami Lakes, Florida.
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